Tree Services

Tree pruning. Pollarding. Crowning. Dismantling. Felling. Removal

The process of maintaining healthy trees and removing dangerous/unwanted trees isn't always straight forward, and that's why we are here to help. We work to British Standard 3998.

Once you've made initial contact we can arrange a free, no obligation site visit to ascertain your specific needs. The services we offer include;

  • Tree surveys and Inspections

  • Disease Disorder and Management

  • Tree Preservation orders (TPO) and Conservation Areas

  • Felling and Dismantling

  • Pollarding

  • Crown Raising and Reductions

  • Hedge Work

  • Stump Grinding and Chipping

  • Waste Removal

  • Herbicide Application

 After initial contact and Site visit you will be issued with an official quote, and a full risk assessment will be undertaken prior to work beginning.

All Excelsior Tree Surgeons are NPTC qualified. Excelsior Tree Surgery are insured upto 5 Million