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A quick guide to tree services we offer

The 3 main jobs we attend to when offering tree care services to our customers are 1. Crown Reductions, 2. Crown Lifting and 3. Crown Thinning. Here's the low down on when you may need us to undertake one of them....

1 Crown Reduction

This is the extensive reduction in the overall tree canopy, you may need a crown reduction if;

a. You're worried about excessively heavy limbs shearing causing a hazard to the public or buildings.

b. Your tree is growing dangerously close to overhead obstructions such as powerlines

c. Following a storm a tree may become damaged, a crown reduction can balance the shape of your tree.

2 Crown Thinning

A far more sympathetic method than above for the tree, pruning stems and branches to reduce overall mass. Crown thinning has the advantages of;

a. Allowing more light to penetrate the canopy and into your garden/home.

b. Reduces the overall mass of the tree, thus making it less likely to be caught by high winds, that may damage/topple your tree.

c. Literally cuts out any standing dead wood within the tree and reduces the chance of pests, fungi and other undesirable tree related disease.

3 Crown Lifting

This is to all intense purposes the removal of lower limbs and branches. This is done because;

a. You need through access beneath the tree

b. Lower limbs and branches are encroaching on buildings or outhouses/green houses

c. Let in more light

d. Get a better view

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