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Tree Services

Tree pruning. Pollarding. Crown reductions. Dismantling. Felling. Removal.

The process of maintaining healthy trees and removing dangerous/unwanted trees isn't always straight forward, and that's why we are here to help.

Once you've made initial contact we can arrange a free, no obligation site visit to ascertain the best way forward for you, your property and your trees. We will also guide you through any major works that may be needed subsequently. This can include organisation of road closures to liaising with local authority's regarding permits, Tree Preservation Orders and conservation areas.

Excelsior Tree Surgery are your one stop shop for all your tree care needs. We work to British Standard 3998.

The tree services we offer include;

  • Tree surveys and Inspections: There are many reasons you may need a tree survey, however the main reason is usually a survey is needed prior to the validation of a planning application. Surveys meet BS 5837 Standards

  • Disease Disorder and Management: Trees can suffer from a wide range of pests and fungal infections. We offer a free consultation service to identify any immediate or future problems that may arise.

  • Tree Preservation orders (TPO) and Conservation Areas: Certain urban geographic areas are protected from any tree work being carried out prior to a permit from the local authority. Our Arborists are happy to guide you through this process.

  • 24 hour Emergency and Storm damage Call Out: Our team are on standby 24 hours a day to deal with major dangers to life and property. A call out fee may be charged for this service.

  • Felling and Dismantling: Regardless of the size of your tree, small or large, we will be able to remove it. Depending on space available we will either fell the tree as a whole or dismantle it from top to bottom if there is a danger of buildings, fences or power lines being damaged. Our tree surgeons are qualified IPAF accredited operators.


  • Pollarding: Certain species/age cope with pollarding better than others. This practice reduces the crown of a tree dramatically, and is usually done to fit a tree into an urban environment. We offer competitive rates for our yearly re-pollarding service.


  • Crown Lift, Crown thinning and Crown Reductions: Crown lifts, thinning and reductions are done when a tree has outgrown property boundaries, reducing "wind sail" effect, more light is needed onto a property or the tree is growing in a dangerous manner i.e into power or phone lines. Our tree surgeons work to the BS3998 standard and are Lantra/NPTC qualified to work at height. 

  • Hedge Work: Regardless of the height or width of your hedge we'll have it looking great in no time.


  • Stump Grinding: We offer Stump grinding as an additional service to individuals who want the stump completely removed. This can be done to stop disease spreading, a new fence line is going in or building foundations are being laid.


  • Garden and Site ClearancesWe are experienced in Green waste removal and management for both domestic and commercial clients. We can supply Clamshell and Hiab, along with robotic flail and chipping services.



  • Waste Removal: All our tree service quotes include waste removal unless expressively advised otherwise.  We also offer a waste removal service and chipping service to clients and other tree surgery businesses.  


  • Herbicide Application: Sometimes Herbicide, pesticides and fungicides are the only way to deal with tree born Pathogens. Our Tree surgeons are accredited to NPTC PA 1,2 and 6

After initial contact and Site visit you will be issued with an official quote, and a full risk assessment will be undertaken prior to work beginning.


All Excelsior Tree Surgeons are NPTC qualified. Excelsior Tree Surgery are insured upto 5 Million


More about our

Fire Wood

Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional Service.

Seasoned Hard and Soft fire wood is available on request. We sell by volume rather than weight, this way you're guaranteed to receive the same amount each time. We can also offer unseasoned wood at a reduced price.

Fire Wood
  • Seasoned Hard wood is £200 per trailer load. 3.5 M3 loose stacked

  • Seasoned Soft wood £120 per trailer load. 3.5 M3 loose stacked

  • Additional costs may apply if you need the wood stacked.

  • If you require a specific log size for your stove/fireplace then please get in contact to arrange with us (additional costs may apply).


Free delivery within Glasgow area by your local tree surgeon.


Get your wood stores filled up ready for next winter with the cheapest way to buy firewood.

Mixed tipper loads of Ash, Pine, Birch, Cedar, Cherry, Leylandii.


Wood will be in rounds/lengths/unseasoned and will be roughly 50/50 mix. £70 a tipper load.

Free delivery within the East Kilbride area, delivery charge apply outwith. Please Call/Email for more information.

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