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Ash Die Back in Glasgow

Its been a bad month for Ash trees. Ash die back (Hymenoscyphus Fraxinus) has meant many quotes and site visits involving Ash trees has resulted in full removals. Hymenoscyphus is a fungus that is air born and thrives in leaf litter, once it finds its way into wounds in the tree it slowly spreads via the Phloem (tubes that transport water) and starts attacking the vascular system within the tree.

This eventually results in the tree being unable to move water upwards via the phloem, and sugars downwards via the xylem. The first signs of die back are the late appearance of leaves on the tree during spring, excessive twigs being dropped and eventually the die back of leaf bearing twigs within the crown.

Once the ability of photosynthesis is lost, the tree will use the starch, sugars and nutrients stored within the trunk and larger limbs to sustaine itself leading to the death of the tree.

Its important that if you have an Ash with dieback within your property that its identified as soon as possible. An Ash caught in the early stages of dieback can be climbed and dismantled or felled, if there is room. If the die back is advanced and the tree is dangerous then other means may need to used to ensure the safety of our staff and your property.

The first video below is of an Ash being felled and processed on a property in Strathaven, using traditional methods which is far cheaper. The second video is of an Ash tree in Motherwell being removed via cherry picker.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the health and safety of your trees then give us a call. We can come out and advise you free of charge. We cover the whole of Glasgow and Lanarkshire.

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