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Be kind to your Beech trees

We've had a job in the diary for a while that we got round to starting today. It was to dismantle a Beech tree in a clients garden that had been "pruned" by someone else, and rot had set in.

In all honest opinion this was the worst "correction" of a botch job we've ever seen. A mature Beech with 3 stems had been completely topped at around midway height. There was 0 attention to pruning cuts.....I could go on, but I won't!

2 errors occured; the first is that whoever carried out the initial job should have known that this type of heavy handed work never works on a Beech, infact if you have a Beech tree on your property you're massively limited to options when it comes to height or canopy reduction/thinning.

The second issue was the client being misinformed. Rather than a company telling them that removal would be best in the long run, they've had to pay twice for another tree surgeon to do what should have been done by the first tree surgeon!

Look after your trees, and never take the first, or the lowest quote. Always make sure the arborist you settle on is fully insured, qualified and experienced, or you may well end up paying twice at the expense of your tree.

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