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Cat Rescue call outs

Last week we had a call out for a cat stuck in a tree, "surely that's fire brigades job" I hear you say, but 9 times out of 10 it falls on us tree surgeons to get them down. It's a fairly regular occurrence for us.

The owner of "Ru Ru" called us on Thursday morning whilst we were dismantling a large Birch in Paisley. She said that Ru had been stuck up a 40ft Cedar since Saturday (5 days), and that they had had the fire brigade, RSPCA and 2 other tree surgeons out to try and get him down. none could help, and one of the tree surgeons tried to charge £800 to get him out the tree.

We arrived at the property around 1600 hrs and had him out in around an hour, climbing the tree and using ropes.

Ru Ru back safe with his owners

We never put a specific price on rescuing cats from trees, but ask the clients to pay whatever they can afford/what they think the service was worth. On this occasion we waived any fees as the owner of Ru Ru was a student nurse, and after Ru's traumatic stay in the tree we were all happy to get him down.

If you are unlucky enough to have your cat stuck up a tree, then give us a call!

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