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Cherry tree

Where possible we'll always try to save a tree rather than remove it straight out of the gates. On this job however the Ivy had completely engulfed this cherry tree, depriving it of light and nutrients.

As a result the heartwood of the tree had rotted away leaving it a danger to the owners. So out it had to come!

As a home owner Ivy, if left unmanaged can cause irreparable damage to trees, and leaving you with the bill when you have to call out the tree surgeon.

The simplest way to remove Ivy is to cut a 2 inch band around the base of the tree (making sure you don't cut into the tree bark) and continue these bands as far up as you can. This means the ivy cannot draw nutrients from the ground and will eventually die off.

The roots of the ivy themselves can be treated with Glyphosate.

Whilst on the topic of Cherry Trees, many people are surprised to find out that Cherry is a very short lived tree, and on average lives between 15-20 years. So if you're fond of your tree, make sure you plant more on a cycle.

Excelsior tree surgery are a family run business in Glasgow, we are fully insured and qualified.

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