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Chippings in your garden

All jobs we quote for include removal of all "waste" material. However, where possible, you should try and keep as many nutrients within your garden/woodland.

This client asked us to chip back into a woodland area we are clearing at the moment, to retain all the hard work the soil and trees have been doing over the past 30 years.

When you reintroduce chippings back into your garden however you need to be careful! Fresh chipping (especially coniferous) laid down in your garden can start robbing your soil of nitrogen as it starts to decompose. This nitrogen is eventually released back to the soil as the chipping decompose and reach a negative PH.

Fresh chippings should be spread thinly in many cases, whilst the remaining chips are set aside to break down, and slowly added throughout the next few years.

We'll always ask you if you want to keep some chippings where practical, and we're more than happy to remove them to spread on other clients gardens.

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