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Emergency call outs

Accidents happen, whether by act of nature or a bit of DIY tree surgery gone wrong. The important thing in these situations is not to panic and to take the correct steps to ensure above all safety of those around you.

It can be an extremely stressful time in your life to have the wind bring down a tree into your garden, car or roof. The first step you should always do is clear the area of all persons and animals that may be at risk. Should there be power lines present, you must take the step of calling your local energy provider, such as SP Energy networks in Scotland, to alert them to this danger. When high voltage electricity is involved they will often dispatch their specialists to deal with this matter.

Once people are cleared and it can be confirmed that no power lines have been affected, you should take the step of contacting a tree surgeon who can specialise in emergency situations and offers a 24 hour call out service.

Our family run tree surgery offers just that, with peace of mind that no matter the time, day or holiday we can reach you and help you with any situation big or small. We promise to never let you down when you need us and guarantee our work to the highest standard, we simply refuse to leave a customer unsatisfied.

If you need us in an emergency you can reach us on 07769355005 or 07585443894 day or night.

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