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Pest removal in trees

Found these little bastards today working up in Glasgow today. "Cinara Pini", or "Pine Aphids" growing on Fir. You usually find these guys in spring, towards the crown of your Conifers, later in the year they'll move lower down the crown.

They feed from the Bark and exude "honey dew" from their rear attraction for Bees and wasps. You can usually get away with knocking them off or spraying them with high pressure water.

Certain other pests can be trickier to remove from the trees in your Garden. Excelsior Tree Surgery in Glasgow are fully certified, experienced and insured for a wide range of pesticide application to keep your trees healthy and Strong, whilst having minimal impact to the environment.

For all your tree surgery and Arborist needs get in contact now for a free, no obligation site visit and estimate

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