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Storm Isha

Storm Isha made land fall in Scotland in the early hours of Monday morning, by the close of play on Monday evening we had been called out to over 20 emergency call outs.

Our first priority is to triage the emergency call outs to prioritise the ones that are a danger to life and/or property. This usually includes removing trees that have fallen on roofs, vehicles, over public roads and removal of damaged limbs that are in danger of failing completely and hitting members of the public.

Ones a site has been made safe, its off to the next job. Once all the jobs have been made safe we will cycle back through the jobs and do a full removal of further damage and remove wood from the propertys.

The one theme running through most emergency call outs is that they where mostly conifers.....Leylandii, Cyprus and Cedars. These species have a huge surface area or "windsail" presented to the storm winds. This paired with co-dominant stems and shallow roots is a perfect storm for the trees failing.

The old adage of "prevention rather than cure" was very pertinent over the past week. A few of the jobs we carried out were glaringly obvious that the tree was going to fail, and a quick visit from a tree surgeon or Arborist prior to the storm would have identified that the trees would need to be removed.

Luckily no one was injured due to the storm, and insurance took care of much of the work we carried out.

Many thanks to all our clients who trusted us to remove the trees in dangerous positions around their property. The biggest thanks goes out to our tree surgeons and staff that worked non stop to get sites safe in sometimes appalling conditions.

If you're concerned about the health of your trees, then please get in contact. Its free for us to come out and inspect your trees, and could save the expense, hassle and danger of your tree failing on your property.

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