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Wood Chippings and Mulch for your Garden.

We always try and encourage clients keep at least some of the chipping from their tree work in the garden, after all, you want to keep as many nutrients in your garden as possible.

That big tree that has been removed from your property may have been taking nutrients from the soil for 50+ years depending on its age, so it makes sense to redistribute it back into your garden.

Many folk can't or won't so we offer removal of waste products in your quote. We then take the waste, store it in our yard in Glasgow then carefully treat and season it in an environmentally friendly way.

Its these by products that we sell to you for your gardening needs. We know exactly where our chipping and mulch have come from and can advise you exactly what you need, especially with regards to acidity levels.

So if you need mulch, chippings or compost for your garden give us a call!

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