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Can I prune my trees in Winter?

As we move into Autumn you'll notice that a lot of plants start to go into seed, and leaves the on your broadleaf trees in your garden will start to change. This is due to the tree becoming dormant. Trees become dormant due to the shorter sunlight hours during the day.....that is to say that the leaves will not be producing enough sugars via photosynthesis to feed the tree as a whole.

As a result the leaves fall off and the tree will reduce the amount of Sap running upto the leaf bearing branches. Winter is (on most trees) The Perfect time to get your trees pruned.

If you where to wait until spring to prune, there is a very high chance that the tree will go into shock, as this is its prime growing stage. In turn, the tree may well fail to recover and rot could set in.

The other advantage of pruning during the winter is that many tree diseases and pathogens are also dormant during the winter months.

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