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Is your Tree Surgeon Insured?

Cheeky cracked Lime tree limb removal this morning. The large limb was hanging directly over the clients conservatory.

When the client initially got in contact with us they correctly asked "are you insured?". When Excelsior send you out an official quote, not only is the quote valid for 12 months, but we'll also send you out our public liability cover, which covers you/us for 10 million.

Don't be afraid to ask the tree surgeons undertaking the work for proof of insurance, if they won't give you it then don't let them do any work.

Similarly, if you're getting multiple quotes, please don't hire work based entirely on price alone. Unfortunately our industry is saturated with cowboys that undercut the respectable, qualified and insured businesses.

Hiring a respectable tree surgery company can seem expensive, but as the old saying goes; "buy cheap, buy twice.

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