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Tree of the Month - Common Ash (Fraxinus Excelsior)

100 year + Ash with a sheared leader

It's that time of the month! This blog we'll be looking at our namesake the Common Ash

  1. Fraxinus Excelsior means, Fraxinus (Spear) Excelsior (Ever upwards) a great name for one of the most common trees in Britain.

  2. Ash die back which originates in Asia has become a severe problem in the UK, making tree care almost impossible when it strikes. Although the tree can naturally fight the disease, repeated infections may lead to tree removal as a result. You can find a guide to spotting Ash Die Back Here

  3. You may not know it but Ash is the only wood that will burn without it needing to be seasoned first! this is due to it's low moisture content when alive.

  4. The timber milled from Ash has been used for centuries, due to the density of the wood, straight grain and durability.

  5. The Ash tree can live to the ripe old age of 400 years +

  6. Ash is in the family Oleaceae which is the olive tree family

  7. Up until the Second World War, Ash was cultivated by coppiccing (Cutting the main stems to force many new "leaders" to grow into poles) and used as fuel and charcoal production.

  8. If you're interested in Norse Mythology or Marvel then you will have heard of the "Tree of Life" or Yggdrasil, this was an enormous Ash tree.

  9. The Ash is an easy tree to identify as it is the only UK tree that has Black Buds

10. Ash is a great tree to plant in your Garden due to it's hardiness, quick growth and low maintenance.

Excelsior Tree Surgery are based in Glasgow and work throughout Scotland. For all your tree care and Arborist needs please get in touch.

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